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Apply Workplace Sustainability Learning Framework Workshop


SGD 580


4 hours

Next Schedule

26 August 2023/ 2 September 2023 - Saturday

About the Course

Accelerate your readiness in Workplace Sustainability Learning initiatives that proves talent development capability. We understand that well-designed talent development strategies and solutions contribute to organizational success and has a strong grounding in the foundational knowledge of the field.
NOW … First time in ASIA. We are excited to introduce an innovative "card game" learning activity, launching in Singapore, designed by Dr. Tommy Tan. This activity aims to provide you with a comprehensive learning experience guided by certified facilitators. The card game learning activity will take approximately 30 minutes, followed by 2-3 hours of active group learning.

During the card gaming session, we will delve into the Workplace Sustainability Learning Strategy covered in the card game. You will have the opportunity to interact, engage, and learn through a variety of methods, including group discussions, mini lectures, scenarios, and case studies. The goal is to ensure a dynamic and enriching learning experience for all participants.

We look forward to your active participation and encourage you to make the most of this exciting and fun learning opportunity.

Learning Objectives

-Validate your talent development & workplace sustainability learning knowledge.
-Build confidence in your skills and abilities as a talent development professional.
-Build personal, professional, and organizational capability through in-depth and fun content review and application exercises.

Course Coverage

Workplace Sustainability Learning Capability Model
Talent Development Strategy
Future Ready Organizations
Values Diversity & Equal Opportunities
High Performing Organizations
Workplace Learning Strategy

Target Audience

Business leaders, Learning Management committee, Human Resources Development champions, Workplace talent, learning, and development professionals with at least two years of experience.

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