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About Us

Founded in 1972, The Singapore Training & Development Association(STADA) is the pioneering and longest-serving association of training professionals who are passionate to learn and grow together.

STADA is committed to building a community of Human Capital Development Practitioners, businesses, training organizations and government institutions to embrace a brighter future. The core philosophy of STADA is serving its members with various opportunities to collaborate and co-create programs of value in the various domains. STADA has always been the torch-bearer of setting high professional standards and recognising the standards through its certification.

In our journey of bringing growth to the HCD community, STADA always pushes boundaries by using technologies, best practices and knowledge to achieve thought leadership in the field of learning across generations and meeting the diverse needs of the learning community both locally and internationally.

Over the past five decades, STADA has pioneered various initiatives  that has impacted and shaped the HCD landscape. STADA has partnered with various local and international institutions of repute to bring value to the members.

STADA will partner with these professionals to provide solutions to organizations in the areas of change management, organization development, employee engagement, cultural change, leadership development, professional certification, coaching and mentoring, and team innovation.

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