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Performance Management

While HR professionals clearly understand the importance of optimal performance management, they often face significant internal obstacles. When someone mentions performance management or reviews at your organization, what is the typical response? Do employees and managers alike cringe? Do they avoid performance management related tasks?


The module aims to equip the participants with the knowledge and skills to carry out performance planning, conduct performance review and feedback and manage performance by providing coaching and counselling.


Target audience: HR Professionals, managers/executives with responsibilities in performance management.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Explain what is performance management and its importance to the organisation

  • Carry out performance planning at the individual level, establish linkage of the plan to the organisation/department goals and objectives

  • Conduct performance review and feedback

  • Manage performance by providing coaching and counselling


The key learning topics covered by this module include:

  • What is Performance?

  • What is Performance Management (PM)?

  • Why is it important?

  • How does PM contribute to K&S competitive advantage?

  • Performance Management Process & Cycle

  • Employees’ and Managers’ responsibilities

  • Typical complaints about PM

  • Performance Planning

  • Cascading and aligning goals, objectives and targets

  • Linking individual targets to department’s goal

  • Standards of Performance

  • Effective Performance Feedback

  • Handling reactions to negative feedback

  • Understanding emotional reaction to negative feedback

  • Performance Review and Interview

  • Performance Problem Analysis

  • Identify performance solutions

  • Correcting performance problems

  • Performance coaching steps

  • Performance Counselling cycle and stages

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