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Apply Basic Negotiation

Skills and Techniques

Eligible for SkillsFuture Credit & WDA Course Fee Support
We often negotiate with clients, colleagues, subordinates and even bosses, formally and informally. Negotiation is about making adjustment to timelines, priorities, resources and deliverables to help things run smoothly. Most people find it difficult to initiate a negotiation because they do not know how to begin. Others are afraid to engage in negotiations because they worry not knowing how to handle the situation should it become difficult. At other times, they feel they could have negotiated better. Negotiation is an art which many are not fully confident in doing. This course will equip you with the key negotiation skills which can significantly improve both the individual and business performance, and ultimately meeting the needs of the participating parties.

Date & Time





$200.00 (before funding)

$100.00 (50% funding)

$20.00 (90% funding)

$10.00 (95% funding)

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify negotiation outcomes in commercial situations to establish organisation’s desired position in the negotiation.

  2. Identify roles and responsibilities needed to support negotiation objectives.

  3. Prepare relevant background information to understand other parties’ position.

  4. Use negotiation processes and techniques to assist in achieving desired negotiation outcomes.

  5. Record negotiations for evaluation and documentation purposes.

Training & Assessment

This programme is highly interactive, incorporating mini-lectures, group discussions, role plays and written assignments.

Target Audience

This training is targeted at professionals who are keen to learn the skills and knowledge of negotiating at the workplace.


Upon successful completion (achieve 75% attendance and pass the assessment), participants will receive a WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA).

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