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Solve Problems & Make Decisions at Operations Level


SGD 500 (full price)


2 days

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About the Course

The ability to solve problems and take decisions is a skill that will be in demand for the foreseeable future. This is because humans are often required to make decisions and take responsibility for them. If we want to be able to solve problems and take decisions, we need to know how to identify the root causes of these problems and decide on potential solutions. We also need the ability to generate and evaluate the pros and cons of these solutions before deciding on what actions we should take.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this unit, learner will acquire the techniques in problem-solving and decision-making, including proactively identifying root causes to a problem, generating and evaluating alternative solutions, making appropriate decisions, and taking responsibility for the decisions within own circle of influence.

Course Coverage

� Possible sources of problem
� Ways to identify impact of a problem on one�s job responsibilities and other parties involved
� Procedure for evaluating selected ideas for problem-solving
� Factors to consider in selecting suitable mode(s) of communication
� Methods to determine the strengths and limitations/constraints of each
� selected idea
� Areas of impact from implementation of an action plan
� Process of evaluating the effectiveness of the implemented solution and action plan and initiating corrective actions
� Sources of failure in implemented solution and action plan
� Techniques to identify sources of failure in the implemented solution and action plan
� Potential area(s) requiring corrective action
� Types of corrective action(s)
� Reflective mechanisms for the entire problem-solving process

Target Audience

Operations who are directly performing a job function and have no supervisory responsibilities. He/She performs under clearly specified boundaries.

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