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Senior Fitness & Caregiving Guide


Full Course Price - 200 SGD, NSA Subsidy Price - 40 SGD


8 hours

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About the Course

Maintaining physical fitness and mobility is essential for seniors, even when bedridden. This is a one-day course specially designed to teach seniors simple, effective exercises that can be performed while in bed. Additionally, it equips them with essential caregiving skills to assist bed-ridden individuals in maintaining their well-being as a Senior volunteer. This course emphasizes the importance of staying active and engaged, even during periods of limited mobility.

Learning Objectives

• Explore bed-based exercises
• Educate bed-ridden individuals
• Create caregiving plan for bed-ridden individuals
• Practice bed exercises

Course Coverage

• Introduction to Bed Exercises and Caregiving
• Bed Exercises for Seniors
• Caregiving Essentials
• Staying Engaged and Entertained
• Practical Application and Group Exercises

Target Audience

Senior Learners Above 50 years

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