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Redesign Job at Workplace for Future Ready Workforce


Full price - SGD 1470 per pax
After Skills Funding - SGD 570 per pax


2 days

Next Schedule

Run 5: 5th & 6th Dec 2022
Run 6: 19th & 20th Dec 2022

About the Course

The way we live and work is rapidly changing. Technology and its advancements impact the way we work, interact with each other, and how we go about day-to-day life. All workers have experienced changes to their jobs. It could have been a new tool or software, or it could have been additional skillsets which they acquired knowingly or unknowingly.
This unique experiential workshop will address the competencies required of organization stakeholders to create and review job profiles as part of manpower planning activities. It uses job analysis process required for implementation. This experiential workshop also covers job documentation, with an emphasis on the components and format of effective job descriptions. Finally, to develop OJT Curriculum to support new job requirements.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will have acquired the following:
 Identify opportunities for and innovation in the workplace
 Identify ways to improve productivity without sacrificing well-being
 Support implementation and collaborate with relevant stakeholders on job
redesign initiatives
 Gain insights into innovative ways of thinking and performing tasks at work

Course Coverage

Unit 1: Apply Re-Design Jobs Process
 Components of Job Competencies
 Manpower trends
 Key purpose of Job Re-Design
 Common Approaches to Job Re-Design
 Job Analysis process
 Review Case Study Application 1
 Understand key components in Singapore Skills Framework
Unit 2: Craft Job Descriptions (JD)
 Components of Job Descriptions
 Craft Job Descriptions of the job before and after the job redesign process
 Common uses for Job Descriptions
 Review Case Study 2 Application 2
 Translate Jobs into Training Requirements
 Develop an OJT blueprint based on the new job requirements
 Overcoming challenges in Job Redesign at workplace

Target Audience

Supervisors, Managers, HR Professionals and Business Owners from ALL job functions
and industries who are empowered to implement changes or tasked to enhance
organization effectiveness and improve business results.

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