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Professional Certificate in Sustainable Workplace Learning (PCSWL)


SGD 1880 (Singapore Citizen 21-39 yrs/PR/others)
SGD 1580 (Singapore Citizen >40 yrs)
SGD 1180 (STADA Members)


16 hours

Next Schedule

28th and 29th August 2023 (Monday and Tuesday)

About the Course

Labor market dynamics indicate an ongoing trend in employee inclinations towards flexible work arrangements and alternative employment models, emphasizing lateral growth opportunities and continuous learning. The most apparent manifestation of workplace respect surfaces through the presence of productive, innovative employees who exhibit mutual awareness and appreciation. Conversely, the absence of respect within a workplace can yield detrimental effects such as heightened turnover, conflicts,
and grievances, as well as diminished morale, attendance, and overall productivity.

The challenge for organizations is to develop a sustainable workplace learning management strategy that maximizes quality and productivity in line with these evolving trends. The Uniquely STADA Professional Certificate in Sustainable Workplace Learning program is designed to give learning and development senior executives and HR professionals the tools to lead transformation in sustainable workplace learning.

The STADA Professional Certificate in Sustainable Workplace Learning program offers a comprehensive 2-Credit Unit course, spanning 16 hours of open learning. This curriculum is specifically designed to align with and support the Singapore National Workplace Learning Framework (NWL). By adhering to the NWL, the program provides enterprises with a structured pathway to cultivate a sustainable organization-wide workplace learning ecosystem. This ecosystem serves as the bedrock for fostering a sustainable learning organization or teaching organization, ensuring continuous growth and development within the company.

Embracing the Singapore (NWL) framework empowers businesses to synchronize capability development with their operational requirements, leading to the establishment of exemplary sustainable workplace learning practices. These practices have the potential to elevate employee performance, bolster retention rates, foster competency development, and cultivate a thriving learning culture. Employing the framework efficiently and strategically enables organizations to gain valuable insights into their position on the
sustainable workplace learning journey and identifies areas that require attention to bridge existing learning gaps.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this program, the learners will be able to:
• Align existing and future core competencies in the organization with strategic business goals.
• Identify core benefits of sustainable workplace learning and promote through various organization platforms.
• Establishes sustainable workplace learning program for current and future needs.
• Align sustainable workplace learning plans to organization strategy.
• Develop sustainable workplace learning plan to ensure all learning needs are mapped to support business units.
• Conducts a workplace learning needs and skills gap analysis.
• Promotes a conducive workplace learning environment at work across various levels of the organization.
• Engages employees to systematically learn within the work process.
• Evaluates the learning outcomes to ensure alignment to organization’s strategic goals.
• Identify areas for continual improvement and the sustainability of the workplace learning efforts.

Course Coverage

Module 1 -Reskill the Future Workplace Learning:

The organization demonstrates a keen awareness of the essential competencies required
to attain its objectives and achieve success. To promote a culture of continuous improvement, the organization implements policies and practices that actively foster a learning-friendly environment.
• Conduct an analysis of existing and forthcoming core competencies that align with strategic objectives.
• Internalize the advantages and impact of workplace learning on both employees and business development.
• Establish a workplace learning culture, with a focus on empowering leaders to foster employee development as a fundamental element of the culture.
• Implement processes to cultivate a culture that is conducive to learning and growth.

Module 2 - Plan the Workplace Learning:

The organization methodically and intentionally arranges workplace learning activities. A strong focus on
enhancing the quality of workplace learning persists, ensuring alignment with both present and future business requirements.
• Systematically create workplace learning programs that address both current and future needs.
• Align individual and corporate learning calendars with organizational strategy in Workplace Learning Plans.
• Establish a structured system to track the implementation of workplace learning initiatives.
• Foster collaboration with learning training partners to enhance the effectiveness of workplace learning programs.

Module 3 - Implement Workplace Learning Needs Analysis:

The organization consistently performs self-assessments to analyze its workplace learning needs.
• Analyze Workplace learning needs and skills gap.
• Design Workplace learning plans to support business units.
• Plan Learning journeys according to their needs and personal circumstances.

Module 4 - Facilitate a Positive Learning Environment in the Workplace:

A positive workplace learning environment is fostered, incorporating diverse approaches tailored to meet the distinct needs and profiles of all employees.
• Establish a culture of flexible learning opportunities within the organization.
• Encourage employees to engage in systematic learning within their work processes.
• Facilitate professional development opportunities to support employees' learning and career progression.
• Utilize technology to implement effective and innovative learning solutions.

Module 5 - Implement Workplace Learning Solutions in the Workplace:

The organization methodically and strategically implements workplace learning activities, considering employees' learning profiles and skill requirements.
• Execute effective learning solutions.
• Check that learning outcomes are aligned with the organization's strategic goals.
• Maintain and enhance continual improvement in workplace learning efforts.
• Explore creative strategies to stay up to date with desired competencies.

Unique Course Methodology:

The STADA Professional Certificate in Sustainable Workplace Learning program is uniquely designed to incorporate a diverse range of engaging teaching methods, including interactive lectures, group discussions, hands-on activities, card games, reflections, and self-assessment quizzes. These practical exercises have been carefully customized to address the unique challenges and scenarios frequently encountered by adult education professionals. As a result, participants will be able to readily apply the
knowledge and skills they acquire during the program. Furthermore, the course facilitator will actively provide constructive feedback and guidance throughout the workshop, fostering an effective and enriching learning experience for all attendees.

Assessment and Certification:

Participants' comprehension and application of the course concepts will be evaluated through group activities, real-world problem-solving tasks, and a final project. Upon successful completion of the experiential workshop, participants will receive a STADA Professional Certificate of Achievement, demonstrating their commitment to workforce sustainability and continuous learning.

Target Audience

Adult Education Industry Professionals: All staff and associates responsible for workplace learning activities will benefit from this workshop.
• Aspiring HR Professionals: Individuals planning to start their careers in the Adult Education industry will gain valuable insights to kickstart their journey with confidence.

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