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Professional Certificate in Impactful Leadership


USD 2200 (full price)


3 months

Next Schedule

1 July 2022

About the Course

The demands on today’s effective leadership have accelerated. This means that present and future leaders must display agility readiness, shape opinion, and mobilize teams to deliver to new standards and higher expectations This featured program provides the necessary tools to develop leadership presence into meaningful influence It is a tool to craft an impactful presence through the strategic application of persuasive techniques, including personal growth, building strong teamwork, and effectively communicating your vision.
Fully Live Online Masterclass with three to six hours of online learning commitment per week.
Three months of hands-on curriculum covering the entire spectrum of skills and several tools needed to become effective managers and leaders
The eight Masterclass Modules were carefully designed assignments and activities that give you the best first-hand experience of the impact of the concepts taught.
At the conclusion of this program, the Masterclass Module 8, a capstone project will allow you to create an action plan for managing yourself and leading others to improved performance and are more effective at communicating direction and inspiration that aligns people and objectives.

Learning Objectives

• Gain the skills, confidence, and connections you need to succeed personally and professionally
• Explain the expectations for leadership in the Hotel Management and Hospitality industry
• Achieve better results through more effective use of influence, negotiations, and communications
• Apply techniques on how to lead in dynamic and uncertain competitive environments
• Manage cross-functional teams to succeed on a global scale
• Position yourself as a strong leader by gaining industry-valued skills

Course Coverage

• MM 1: The Leaders in You
• MM 2: Leadership Fundamentals
• MM 3:Coaching for Performance Excellence
• MM 4: T.E.A.M.S. Critical Success Factors
• MM 5: Leading Organizational Change
• MM 6: Sustainability Leaders
• MM 7: Leading Innovation and Creative Ideas
• MM 8: Capstone Project

Target Audience

• Mid to senior-level professionals who are committed to implementing creative strategies and practices to position their organizations at the forefront of innovation
• Engaged leaders who are committed to developing their management skills and approaches to optimize team performance
• Enterprising professionals who wish to collaborate with other self-motivated individuals and value the exchange of diverse perspectives, to drive change
• Newly promoted leaders who are committed to accelerating their leadership skills to impact organizational success

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