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Professional Certificate - Designing Activity Driven Learning


Full price - SGD 2500, STADA Members - SGD 1800


2 days

Next Schedule

22nd and 23rd January 2024 (14 Hours)
9th and 16th March 2024 (14 Hours)

About the Course

Unlock the secrets of transformative learning with our unique experiential workshop, "Designing Activity-Driven Learning: Principles and Concepts for Learning with Games." Delve into cutting-edge principles and concepts that revolutionize learning through immersive and engaging games. Explore the dynamic intersection of theory and practice to craft activities that captivate and educate. This workshop is your gateway to mastering the art of activity-driven learning, enhancing your instructional design toolkit, and propelling your participants into a realm of enriched, game-based education. Join us on this journey of innovation and discover the power of interactive learning experiences.

Elevate your professional learning and development with our two-day experiential workshop on Activity-Driven Learning. Gain cutting-edge insights into the latest trends, master the art of designing engaging activity driven learning modules, and develop strategic facilitation plans aligned with stakeholder requirements. Explore gamification techniques to enhance participant engagement and learn comprehensive evaluation strategies. This workshop ensures you stay at the forefront of L&D innovation, empowering you to create impactful and dynamic learning experiences.

Learning Objectives

 Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of activity-driven learning as an experiential educational approach.
 Apply advanced principles in the design of authentic activity-driven learning experiences.
 Analyse the design and facilitation context to meet stakeholder requirements effectively.
 Construct activity-driven learning modules using gamification techniques.
 Formulate a strategic facilitation plan aligned with specified purposes, outcomes, and objectives.
 Employ effective strategies for assessing and interpreting learners' reactions to the activity-driven learning.
 Utilize debriefing techniques to evaluate the depth of acquired knowledge and skills.
 Articulate the process of engaging stakeholders in assessing the transfer of learning outcomes.

Course Coverage

Unit 1: Cutting-Edge Knowledge Transfer:
Acquire in-depth insights into the latest trends and principles of Activity-Driven Learning (ADL). Understand how to leverage experiential learning to enhance knowledge retention and application, ensuring your L&D strategies remain at the forefront of innovation.
Unit 2: Design Mastery for Engaging Learning Modules:
Unleash your creativity and design prowess by applying advanced principles to create authentic, engaging, and effective activity-driven learning modules. Elevate your skills in crafting learning experiences that resonate with diverse audiences, fostering increased participation and understanding.
Unit 3: Strategic Facilitation Excellence:
Develop a facilitation plan tailored to your organizational goals. Learn how to align learning objectives with stakeholder requirements, ensuring your facilitation approach becomes a strategic tool for achieving superior learning outcomes.
Unit 4: Learning with Games for Enhanced Engagement:
Explore the world of gamification and discover how to integrate game elements effectively into your learning modules. Unlock strategies to boost participant motivation, increase engagement, and create a dynamic and interactive learning environment.
Unit 5: Comprehensive Evaluation Techniques:
Master the art of evaluating learning experiences comprehensively. From assessing learners' reactions to applying debriefing techniques and involving stakeholders in evaluating learning transfer, gain a holistic understanding of how to measure the impact and success of your L&D initiatives.

Target Audience

The workshop will be led by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in Design and Facilitate an Activity Driven Learning. Learn from the Best. You are able to gain access to an abundance of learning opportunities, enabling you to connect and develop alongside some of Asia's most accomplished and successful mentors, educators, and edupreneurs.

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