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Matured Job Seekers Series: 2- Crafting An Impactful Resume


SGD 40(with NSA subsidy) SGD 200(before funding)


1 day

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About the Course

When was the last time you wrote and sent out a resume? Or you have been sending out hundreds of resumes and not getting any reply! A resume is a very important part of your job search journey as it determines either a make or break in getting a call for an interview. Crafting an impactful resume to land your desired job required the right skills and knowledge. It must stand out distinctly from the crowd and stick impressively with the potential hires. Through this course, you will learn the techniques and concepts needed as well as craft a bespoke resume to match the desired job application and receive critique and improvements along the way.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, the individuals will be able to articulate and/or apply:
- Techniques and concepts of crafting an impactful bespoke resume
- Crafting a bespoke resume to match the desired job application
- Critique and improve on bespoke resume

Course Coverage

- Functions and Importance of a Resume
- Seeing the resume from the Hiring Personel's lens
- Concepts of an Impactful Bespoke Resume
- Tips and Techniques on Crafting an Impactful Bespoke Resume
- Practical activity: Crafting a Bespoke Resume

Target Audience

Seniors above 50 years

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