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Live Podcasting for Seniors: A new Joy to Life


SGD 50 (with NSA subsidy) SGD 250 (before funding)


1 day

Next Schedule

6-Apr-23 , 5- May-23

About the Course

Video and live Podcasting are trendy in the digital world. Seniors generally shy away from these activities. They lack confidence and feel that live podcasting is for young and tech-savvy people. They feel that they are too old to learn. This course is designed to disrupt the traditional mindset. Seniors can do live podcasting beautifully. The learning curve is short, fun, and exciting. Learning live podcasting is more than acquiring a skill. It transforms your conventional way of thinking and brings new joys to your seniors’ life.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to :
1. Plan for Live Podcasting
2. Design a Live Podcasting program
3. Apply the principles of Live Podcasting
4. Perform Live Podcasting

Course Coverage

1. Basics of Live Podcasting
2. Psychology of Live Podcasting
3. Essentials of Live Podcasting
4. Practice Live Podcasting

Target Audience

Seniors above 50 years

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