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Learning to Learn for Workforce Sustainability in the Service Industry


Singapore Citizen >40 yrs - SGD 490
Singapore Citizen 21-39 yrs / PR - SGD 600
Others - SGD 980


2 days

Next Schedule

23rd & 24th August 2023

About the Course

The Learning to Learn for Workforce Sustainability in the Service Industry experiential workshop is specifically designed to empower workforce in the service sector with essential learning strategies and techniques. In this experiential workshop, participants will explore how to adapt to the rapidly evolving demands of the service industry and cultivate a sustainable approach to continuous learning. By equipping participants with effective learning habits, and problem-solving skills, this experiential workshop aims to enhance the service workforce's ability to thrive in a dynamic service-oriented environment.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:
• Recognize the importance of continuous learning in the service industry for workforce sustainability.
• Apply effective learning habits and problem-solving techniques to optimize learning and development.
• Utilize service techniques to enhance knowledge retention and improve customer service interactions.
• Implement problem-solving strategies to address challenges encountered in service-related roles.
• Foster a growth mindset culture that promotes learning and innovation within the service industry.

Course Coverage

Day 1:

Session 1: Introduction to Workforce Sustainability in the Service Industry
• Understanding the dynamics of the service industry and its impact on the
• Identifying challenges and opportunities for workforce sustainability
• The role of continuous learning in the service sector for staying competitive

Session 2: Assessing Learning Needs and Setting Goals
• Self-assessment of current skills and competencies
• Identifying areas for improvement and professional development
• Setting realistic and achievable learning goals for career growth

Session 3: Effective Study Habits and Time Management
• Learning techniques for balancing work and learning commitments
• Creating a productive learning environment within a service-oriented workplace
• Strategies to overcome time constraints and distractions for effective learning

Session 4: Learning from Service Encounters
• Transforming everyday service encounters into learning opportunities
• Reflecting on past experiences to improve future service delivery
• Emphasizing the value of feedback and self-assessment in service excellence

Day 2:
Session 5: Problem-Solving Strategies for Service Professionals
• Analysing common challenges faced in the service industry
• Developing design thinking and critical reasoning skills
• Applying creative problem-solving approaches to address customer needs effectively

Session 6: Developing a Sustainable Learning Plan
• Implementing spaced repetition and continuous learning strategies
• Creating a personalized learning roadmap for career growth in the service industry
• Identifying relevant resources and training opportunities for ongoing development

Session 7: Cultivating a Growth Mindset Culture in the Service Industry
• Encouraging a positive learning attitude among teams and organizations
• Empowering service professionals to embrace change and innovation
• Motivating employees to pursue lifelong learning for workforce sustainability

Session 8: Action Planning and Commitment to Workforce Sustainability
• Creating an individual action plan to implement the strategies learned
• Developing a support network for continuous learning within the workplace
• Making a commitment to embrace lifelong learning for career success in the service industry

Assessment and Certification:
Participants' comprehension and application of the course concepts will be evaluated through group activities, real-world problem-solving tasks, and a final project. Upon successful completion of the experiential workshop, participants will receive a certificate of achievement, demonstrating their commitment to workforce sustainability and continuous learning in the service industry.

Target Audience

• Service Industry Professionals: All staff and associates responsible for work activities within the service sector will benefit from this workshop.
• Aspiring Service Professionals: Individuals planning to start their careers in the service industry will gain valuable insights to kickstart their journey with confidence.

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