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Introduction to Geragogy Guidelines (with C3A)




2 hours

Next Schedule

24-Sep-22, 28-Oct-22, 17-Nov-22, 23-Nov-22, 13-Dec-22

About the Course

Amidst the growing ageing population, there is an increasing proportion of older
adults (i.e. senior learners) that partake in various lifelong learning opportunities
available. However, senior learners have distinct characteristics as compared to
other segments of population and as such, their learning needs may also differ. It
is therefore important for trainers and practitioners to be mindful of these distinct
characteristics and learning needs.
Singapore’s first ever Geragogy Guidelines, developed by Council for Third Age
(C3A) and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) was launched in March
2021. This new set of guidelines provides insights and recommendations on three
areas such as i) the learning preferences and challenges of the senior learner; ii)
effective training methods that can enhance the learning experiences; as well as
iii) the different trainer’s characteristics preferred by older adults.
This programme provides an overview of the Geragogy Guidelines, highlighting key
principles and best practices. During the programme, participants would have the
opportunity to understand and equip themselves with the various principles and
recommendations that can be adopted and serve as useful enhancements to the
current practices used in different areas such as curriculum design and course
With these guidelines, they would serve to help you enhance and allow learning
processes to be inclusive for learners of all ages, which in turn build and foster a
more conducive learning environment for your programmes.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop, learners will be able to:
• Gain a better understanding of the C3A-SUSS Geragogy Guidelines
• Obtain a better understanding of senior learners and their different
characteristics and needs
• Learn about the various recommendations to better engage with the senior
learners and apply the relevant techniques in your area of work
• Recognise and build upon the various characteristics of trainers found to be
effective in engaging older adults

Course Coverage

1. Geragogy Guidelines 2. Key Principles 3. Best Practices

Target Audience

This workshop would be useful for Trainers, Curriculum Developers, Course
Administrators, Centre Managers, Management from senior-centric organisations,
Management in charge of Continuing Education and Training, Learning &
Development Managers or Human Resources managers involved in planning of
learning needs for mature employees, and other professionals with areas of work
that involves engagement with older adults.

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