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Implement Redesign Job @ Workplace Successfully


SGD 890 (full price)


1 day

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About the Course

The course will address the competencies required of organization
members to implement job redesign successfully. It examines job redesign
components and process to plan and implement job redesign successfully. This
workshop also covers case studies of a successful implementation of job redesign from
retail and hospitality industry.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, you will be able to:
▪ Describe the rationale for Job Redesign at Workplace
▪ List the key components of job redesign
▪ Explain the implication of job redesign to business
▪ Identify key challenges in implementing job redesign
▪ List what are the funding and support for successful implementation of job
redesign initiatives

Course Coverage

▪ Defined Job Redesign at Workplace
• What is Job redesign
• Why do Job Redesign
▪ Steps to implement Job Redesign: Getting Started
• What are the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders?
• Develop a Business Case
• Case Study 1: Guest Experience Journey
• Job Redesign Implementation Guide: Components of Job redesign
▪ Implications to Business
• Impact on Performance Management & Productivity
• Steps to planning and implementing change
• Case Study 2: Scenarios to manage change
• Overcoming key challenges in implementing Job redesign initiatives
• Moving forward: Managing the mindset
▪ Funding and Support
• Sources of funding
• Funding qualifications

Target Audience

Business Leaders, Executives desirous of Improving Performance & Productivity through Job Redesign

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