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Handling Difficult People @ Workplace


SGD 300 (full price)


1 day

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About the Course

Getting results through people is not an easy task for most people at the workplace. This workshop is directed to help participants improve their ability to cope with various difficult behaviours from customers and colleagues in order to turn them into allies at work.

Learning Objectives

� Identify the characteristics of difficult people
� List the different types of difficult people
� Manage your own emotions such as anger and stress
� Take criticism and give constructive criticism positively and confidently
� Handle difficult people and sensitive situations better

Course Coverage

� Identifying and managing difficult personalities at work
� Why people are difficult and what is a difficult person?
� Understanding people�s behaviour and their thinking
� Assessing yourself and others � personality profile
� Factors that destroy relationship and goodwill at work
� Reasons why people give you trouble at work
� How to improve your communication skills to build lasting relationship at work
� Applying the five building blocks to excellent relationship
� Types of Difficult People
� Strategies for coping with difficult people in the workplace

Target Audience

For any working supervisors who would like to improve working relationship with people at all levels so as to achieve teamwork cooperation.

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