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Embrace Reverse Mentoring: Bridging Generational Gaps


Full Course Price - 250 SGD, NSA Subsidy Price - 50 SGD


8 hours

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About the Course

In today’s rapidly changing world, where diversity and inclusion are paramount, this course offers a unique opportunity for seniors to challenge stereotypes and preconceived notions about different generations. By embracing the concept of reverse mentoring, participants will embark on a journey of mutual learning and growth. Throughout the course, participants will explore the power of reverse mentoring as a bridge-building exercise between generations. They will gain insights into the benefits of reverse mentoring in terms of sparking innovation, promoting a more inclusive environment, and enhancing personal well-being.

Learning Objectives

• Apply the concept of reverse mentoring.
• Explain the benefits of reverse mentoring
• Cultivate a growth mindset and openness to learning from others.
• Develop effective communication skills and challenge generational biases and stereotypes.
• Prepare for initiating and maintaining reverse mentoring relationships.

Course Coverage

1. Introduction to Reverse Mentoring
2. Building the Mindset
3. Practical skills for Reverse Mentoring
4. Embracing the Relationships
5. Closing and Action Plan

Target Audience

Senior Learners above 50 years of age

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