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Develop Effectiveness at Operations Level


SGD 500 (full price)


2 days

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About the Course

Personal effectiveness is the ability to use one's skills and resources in a way that leads to success. It is the process of making the most of one's abilities, talents, and opportunities. The key to success is determination and self-confidence. Successful people are very good at using resources effectively. They know how to plan, how to solve problems, and how to persevere until they achieve their goals.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this unit, the learner will be able to apply knowledge and life skills such as establishing personal goals and relating them to team goals, managing time effectively, maintain work-life balance, managing stress and to be effective at the workplace.

Course Coverage

� Set personal goals and align them to team goals
� Identify one�s role and responsibilities and their contribution towards the achievement of team goals
� Identify personal strengths and weaknesses, list the strategies to overcome weaknesses and describe how personal strengths can contribute towards the achievement of team goals
� Plan and complete personal tasks to meet team goals
� Identify work-life balance programs to maintain personal work-life balance

Target Audience

Operations staff who are directly performing a job function. The module offers hands on competencies for those who want to develop their abilities to carry out lifelong learning, applying learning to work and adapting to changes and diversity.

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