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Coaching for Performance Improvement


SGD 300 (full price)


1 day

Next Schedule

20 May 2022

About the Course

Supervisors face the challenge of maximizing the performance of the fellow team members in achieving desired results and maintaining the relationship. Therefore it is imperative for supervisors to be equipped with the basic coaching skills to be able to succeed in balancing work and rapport with the team members

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
� Define Coaching and Counselling
� Identify the different factors affecting staff performance.
� Describe the Coaching and Counselling cycle and process.
� Apply the key essentials of a coaching session.

Course Coverage

� Introduction
o Success factors in Performance
o Results Management through Emotions and Behaviours
� Coaching and Counselling
o Definitions
o The Roles and Responsibilities involve
� Coaching Cycle
o Coaching Models
o Coaching Process
� Counselling Cycle
o Counselling Process
� Key �Rapport� skills
o Listening/Questioning/Responding
o Receiving and Providing Feedback
o Motivating the Performance

Target Audience

Supervisors and Team leaders

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