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Build Rapport for Better Working Relationship


SGD 300 (full price)


1 day

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About the Course

One common unmistakable trait found among people who succeed professionally in their careers, is that they � possess an ability to connect quickly with others� and thus able to form strong relationships with the key important people they work with. This workshop equips you with new psychological discoveries and skillsets to create close ties with others � that will have you enjoy connective and mutually-supportive relationships with the key people at work (including your colleagues, superiors and clients).

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:
� Apply communication tools to connect with people
� Implant rapport-encouraging words & phrases into your communications to escalate closer bonds and relationships with people
� Establish long-lasting supportive relationships and trust with important people (such as colleagues, superiors and clients) at your workplace

Course Coverage

� The secret of how trust can speedily happen between two people (even if both of them have nothing in common or belong to very different backgrounds)
� Key technique to trigger 'feelings of connectedness' in people at the workplace and with potential clients.
� How to increase your personal likability and have others feel comfortable in getting closer to you for a favourable working relationship in a team and/or with clients..
� What to say and do to increase another person�s willingness to cooperate with you
� How to communicate in a way that makes people be more open to you and start listening to what you say

Target Audience


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