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Basics of Smart Money Management


Full Price - SGD 90 , NSA Subsidy Price - SGD 18


4 hours

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About the Course

To be financially prepared for the future, it is ever more important for us to understand how to make smart decisions Come join us in this financial literacy course to learn practical money management tips! This course also introduces the use of CPF digital and cashless payment services, raises awareness of scams and shares tips to avoid becoming a scam victim Lastly, the course also highlights selected Government schemes that support retirement and healthcare needs.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will:
a) Be able to make sound decisions pertaining to saving, spending, and borrowing money.
b) Learn about Government schemes that support retirement and healthcare.
c) Understand the importance of planning ahead to meet future financial needs.
d) Understand the use of CPF digital and cashless payment services.
e) Recognise the signs of potential scams.

Course Coverage

1. Managing Everyday Money
a) Practising the budgeting process to manage income, saving, and spending, and monitoring one’s
b) Deciding to borrow, and awareness of the different types of credit and loans.
c) Discussing practical tips to stretch one’s dollar.

2. Using Digital Services: CPF Mobile and Cashless Payments
a) Introducing digital and payments services.
b) Introducing the use of cashless payment services: PayNow and SGQR Pay.
c) Introducing the use of CPF services online to manage CPF savings.

3. Planning Ahead
a) Understanding the financial needs in retirement and the importance of being prepared.
b) Awareness of Government schemes that support retirement and healthcare needs.
c) Awareness of the importance of making CPF and insurance nominations.
d) Awareness of advance care planning for one’s future health and personal care.

4. Staying Safe Against Scams
a) Awareness of the common types of scams and where to get reliable information on scam alerts.
b) Awareness of self protection guidelines and keeping personal data safe.
c) Reporting a scam incident and seeking assistance when in doubt.

Target Audience

Senior Learners (Singaporeans & PR >50 years)

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