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Apply Strategies for Effective Supervision


SGD 300 (full price)


1 day

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About the Course

In this 1 day workshop you will pick up and use practical skills to become an efficient and effective supervisor. You will learn on how you can delegate works effectively, manage time for you and your team members, set achievable goals and manage the expectations of both your team and the bosses you have to report to. The workshop will also cover on how you can provide valuable feedback to your team members.

Learning Objectives

� Explain the fundamental roles and responsibilities of a supervisor
� Create the winning mindset and skillset of highly effective supervisor
� Distinguish between delegation and empowerment
� Explain how to become a good problem solver
� Provide valuable and result-oriented feedback
� Deal with difficult staff effectively
� Explain how to discipline staff positively
� Motivate your team through positive reinforcement
� Manage expectation of bosses and team members

Course Coverage

� Identify the key components of good supervision
� Dealing with different personalities of team members plus activity
� How to identify difficult team members and dealing with staff resistance
� Engaging difficult staff positively and re-aligning their bearing with the team
� When to delegate and when to empower
� When to coach and when to counsel
� Providing valuable and result oriented feedback
� Catching people doing things right by creating a positive work environment
� Dealing with team members who don�t carry their weight

Target Audience

For any supervisory staff who needs to get organized and stay organized so as to get the best out of the workday.

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