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Apply High Productivity Habits @ Workplace


SGD 300 (full price)


1 day

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About the Course

In this workshop you will discover a system of science-backed methods to create working habits that allow you to be at your most productive, and break unhelpful habits that doesn�t bring you closer to your goals. This results in you being able to consistently get more done and accomplish goals faster than expected. These productivity methods are habitually used by high performing corporate leaders, athletes and masters in different fields � and are designed to be instantly applicable at the workplace.

Learning Objectives

� Apply productive habits that have you perform at a level where more work tasks get done in less time
� Explain the delaying work progress and how to switch them out with productive ones
� Create habits that allow you to complete important tasks early
� Explain how to stick with powerful habits that serve you � for life

Course Coverage

� A secret to start the morning in a productive way and maintain a consistent level of productivity throughout the day
� How to form the habit of completing things early... and accomplish tasks way before the dateline
� How to break the procrastinating habit of putting things off to the last minute
� 8 ways to add more hours to your day (this works even if you are always 'swamped with work')
� Productive for life: How to create lasting productive behaviours and stick with the things you commit to accomplish
� Practical methods (backed by actual real-life examples from high performing corporate leaders, athletes and masters in different fields) to swap out unproductive habits with productive ones that have you accomplish more � everyday

Target Audience

Those responsible for the operation and performance of an organisational unit.

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