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Apply Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills


SGD 300 (full price)


1 day

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About the Course

In order to create sustainable business solutions, critical thinking and analytical skills are required. It also allows one to think outside the box and adapt better to change since problem-solving is about flexibility and resilience.

Learning Objectives

This unit will define the critical thinking mind-set, demonstrate problem solving skills and enhance creative thinking skills.

Course Coverage

� Develop a critical thinking mind-set when dealing with operations issues
� Demonstrate problem solving skills within own scope of work
o Defining problem & approach used in problem separation
o Explain methods to apply logical inquiry to issues
� Analyse and report business issues and make recommendations to relevant stakeholders
o Describe methods used in analysing business issues & process of applying force field analysis
� Enhance creative thinking skills among team members
o Define creative thinking & describing types of creative person
o Enhancing creative thinking skills among team members
o Describe the challenges of being creative

Target Audience

Any operations staff, team leads, managers.

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