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Applied Creative Thinking @ Work


SGD 300 (full price)


1 day

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About the Course

Learn how to generate creative ideas and innovative solutions that will enhance performance. This workshop will provide participants with practical creative thinking skills to innovate new ideas and solutions at work.

Learning Objectives

� Recognise importance of creative thinking at the workplace
� Understand the creative process
� Generate ideas and innovative solutions that will enhance individual and the team performance
� Identify blocks to creative thinking
� Apply creative thinking techniques to problem solving
� Test ideas and make continuous improvements of solutions
� Take ownership to become a creative thinker

Course Coverage

� Demystify creativity
� Traits of creative thinkers
� Barriers to creative thinking
� Creative problem solving
� Tools and techniques to develop ideas to action
� Divergent approaches
� Convergent approaches
� Creative Thinkers Journey
� Advocating an innovative culture

Target Audience

Executives, Supervisors and Individual Contributors who are seeking to learn new problem solving approaches to work tasks and challenges

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