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LEVEL 2  (Enabling)


This practitioner perspective approach program will help practicing trainers gain insights of his/her training delivery competencies and elevate to a different level. We call it the practicing Trainer. This program dives into the different aspects of facilitating wonderful and impactful training sessions.  Every session a trainer engaged in is a different session, and adaptation is the key factor. From Knowing your audience to the Art of Facilitation, this program will give practicing trainers an interesting dimension that will enhance every of their facilitation. It is sometimes not what you know but how you deliver it, it is sometimes not what you say but how you say it. It will be conducted with a high level of engaging practices to ensure gaining of competence. 

Date & Time


(2 DAYS)





*Fees are subject to 7% GST charge

Target Audience

This course is designed for:

  • Aspiring to experienced learning & development and training professionals

Entry Requirements

To ensure you gain the most from this intermediate-level program, you must meet the following criteria to participate:

  1. Completion of a foundational STADA CERTIFIED TRAINER I© (SCT I)© program or equivalent train-the-trainer (TTT) certificates

  2. A minimum of six hundreds to nine hundreds (600 to 900) training hours experience to participate.

Lesson Topics

  • Knowing your Audience

  • What is True Facilitation

  • The Arts of Facilitation

  • What, Why and How of Facilitation

  • Gigs and Gags of Facilitation 

*Practical sessions will be included

*Successful delegates will be awarded the title of STADA CERTIFIED TRAINER II© (SCT II)©

About the Facilitator

Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 10.25.36 AM.png

Roy Lai 

President of STADA

For 20 years, Roy has been a principal consultant, head facilitator, executive coach and master trainer. A prominent speaker, he has addressed more than 100,000 delegates and facilitated above 15,000 hours of learning programs internationally.

As a consultant, Roy has facilitated thousands of programs with delegates from different continents. His audiences include representatives from the SMEs, multinational companies and listed companies. Roy has provided training to delegates from well over 500 companies.

Throughout his career, Roy has worked with a wide spectrum of industries – including banking, finance, shipping, logistics, mining, manufacturing, real estate, pharmaceuticals, bio-technology, electronics, telecommunications, distribution, healthcare, gaming, transportation, logistic, aviation, hospitality, engineering, construction, retail, entertainment, Leisure, governmental and statutory bodies.


Roy addresses more than 10,000 delegates from different organizations annually. He travels between Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, China, Middle East and Europe - delivering speeches, lectures and workshops.


As a keynote, Roy has the unique ability to quickly liven up his audiences. Offering a “practitioner’s view” and “the real world” of topics, Roy fires up his audiences by delivering his messages with so inspirationally that they often want to hear from him more. Roy is frequently complimented for keeping his sessions and learning experiences ALIVE!


Roy’s experiential, activity-based & action learning programs are highly recommended and endorsed by past participants as well as sponsors! The feedback received has consistently referred to the sessions being interesting, engaging, practical, humorous, entertaining, fun-loving – and effective. Whether it is for a small group of 6 or a large audience of 1,000, Roy’s presentations are always delivered with total commitment.


Delivering his workshops with undivided passion and elevating his delegates, Roy covers subjects such as Executive Leadership and Organizational Professionalism, Teams and Professional Development, Behavior Profiling and Communication, Learning and True Facilitation.


Extensively involved in trainers’ training & facilitation programmes since 2003, Roy was instrumental in several training frameworks and served on different guiding and validation committees. Roy had also been involved in the initialization of Trainers Networks, Communities of Practice and Special Interest Groups for the Training & Facilitation Practice.


Roy was a validation community member for the National Competency Standard of both the Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) and the Diploma in Adult Continuing Education (DACE) with the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).  He was the Guiding Committee member of the Community of Practice Competency Based Assessment of the Singapore Training and Development Association (STADA) and Vice-Chaired the Special Interest Group Facilitation with the Adult Education Network (AEN).  Roy currently serves as a management committee member of the Singapore Training and Development Association (STADA).

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