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Experience. Learn. Reflect.

Start Over. Again. Better.

Learning how to conduct an experiential learning programme?

Look no further. The new Certificate in Experiential Learning (Outdoor) is created just for you. We call this programme “CELO” - a 3-day course that equips you with all the necessary knowledge and skills that you will need to do this.

Incorporating the concept of experiential learning into the syllabus, CELO will give you a step up in preparing and running an educational programme. Outdoor exercises are crafted to help you engage your learners through meaningful team-based activities, while tapping on the rich variety of learning elements available at SLDC.

Using proven concepts and methodologies from STADA’s own Professional Certificate in Experiential Learning and with joint contributions from the Singapore Scouts Association, this course will become a valuable resource tool for all educators and practitioners with keen interest in creating a good Singapore education brand for outdoor learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the experiential approach to learning

  • Understand the key EL principles and methodologies

  • Have a better view of facilitation skills principles

  • Learn and practice on the instructional design process

  • Learn and practice various debriefing techniques to derive insightful learning

  • Learn questioning techniques to deepen learning and application

  • Effectively use outdoor elements to conduct meaningful team learning activities.

  • Acquire a bagful of tools: Openers/ Ice-breakers/ Closers and Training Activities, which will stay with you throughout your career.

Target Audience

  • Uniformed Group Officers

  • Volunteers

  • School Teachers

  • Social workers who use Adventure Learning as platforms for the engagement and character development of youths

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